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March 6th, 2021

@Alexwashere @_prestwich SUCH ADVERSARIAL

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Yeah but they have a certificate so that’s worth something, right? 🙄

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@Andrewstotle For watch-only wallet the derivation path is always m/ because the extended public keys provided are…

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@BitcoinMagazine Some nerds on Slashdot said we could make money without need of a nation.

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NFT: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Prestige System

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For $100 in bitcoin I’ll send you a GPG signed attestation that you “own” one of my tweets. You can even print it o…

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“You can avoid quarantine by imprisoning yourself inside this hotel.”

Doubleplus ungood doublespeak.

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@BradyDale Indeed, though I can’t click a button and destroy the photo on your baseball card 😬

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@udiWertheimer I agree, and yet the headline of this platform says that you use it to buy & sell tweets.

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What happens if you buy someone’s tweet and then they delete it?

Also, how can you audit the ecosystem to ensure t…

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