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February 1st, 2022

@danheld It’s more qualitative than quantitative IMO.

One example, as I believe the kids are calling it these days, is the “thirst trap.”

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@danheld I think there’s a huge difference between “influencers” and “influential people.” The former are shallow w…

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@danheld Influencers are well known because they’re good at becoming well known. I’m just a nerd who got a few foll…

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@udiWertheimer i’d agree with that, but now you’re speaking out of both sides of your mouth. “wake up bitcoiners” s…

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@udiWertheimer i’m saying i don’t care
the tortoise beats the hare

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The Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust collected 0.00001879 BTC per share in 2021 for expenses. At 692,370,100 shar…

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Celebrities & influencers are in the business of profiting off gullible fad followers.

Bitcoiners are in the busin…

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@udiWertheimer tell me more about how the whole celebs / ICO phenomenon worked out

lol at using celebs as barometers

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