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February 8th, 2022

@kyletorpey nah she’ll have so much ad revenue it won’t be necessary

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Not too late to order in time for Valentine’s day…

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COVID rap track that was dropped by the lady who was just arrested for laundering stolen Bitfinex bitcoin.

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A veritable smorgasbord of poorly aged tweets.

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@nic__carter Seized overnight after a short six year manhunt.

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Imagine sitting on $4,000,000,000 in stolen bitcoin, knowing you’re being hunted by nation states, and deciding tha…

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If my math is right then the Bitfinex hackers were still hodling 70% of the BTC they stole.

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@paoloardoino soooo does that recovered bitcoin all go into the corporate treasury since you already repaid everyone?

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@lightcoin Doubtful, as it was not really being maintained by the time I tried to withdraw my remaining funds.

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Indian auto parts businessman brings suitcase full of $260K worth of cash to do an in-person crypto trade, gets bea…

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@lightcoin Yeah I actually ended up sending my private key to Mike so that he could help extract funds that were stuck in my wallet.

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Hai guize I’m Satoshi and I am very smart.

Please believe me; just look at all these other folks who say they beli…

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If anybody actually believed this con man was Satoshi, he’d have folks invading his home and demanding bitcoin.


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