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February 10th, 2012

@mikestable I had that happen once with live shrimp

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Listen to these people and your life will improve: @julien @neiltyson @rands @Oatmeal @thesulk @Bitterjojo @thebestmonkey

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@colopy I get a fair amount of inspiration from @julien

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Never refrain from speaking your mind due to fear of offending the recipient. But, as a recipient, never take anything personally.

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@knucklesandwich test takes 18 years to complete; blocking on my social connections would cause timeouts.

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ncpolicelogs A Burlington Church worships too loudly, “sound like they’re getting their arms ripped off.”

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@knucklesandwich what did YOUR parents do with you? Mine would talk to me about the things we saw & play interactive stimulating games.

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Your kids should not be staring at a screen while you drive them around. They need to look out the damn window and learn about the world.

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@seanmcnichol amica; I just have the minimum liability… it’s something like $10 a month. The trick is not to have a lien on the bike.

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