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February 28th, 2012

@jefft don’t you use gmail’s web interface?

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I have a feeling I’m the last person left who only reads emails in plain text format.

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DEVOPS_BORAT If you have Big Data process is involve grep, you are do it wrong.

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The correct answer if asked “what is your greatest weakness” in a job interview is to walk out without looking back.

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@thegourmez quite confusing for my GPS. “You’re driving through a forest OMGWTFBBQ!”

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Apparently @ncquickpass is so eager to charge people for using the new Triangle Expressway that they sent me a bill for $0.00. ಠ_ಠ

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@pmccall777 @jeremy_degroot @ameir They don’t; stop making cross-universe comparisons!

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@Jeremy_DeGroot @ameir Compared to an Enterprise class ship. Also, ships in Star Wars most definitely have shields.

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@ameir The Bird of Prey is a junk heap - the only thing it has going for it is cloaking.

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