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November 13th, 2013

Is now an alpha build tester for the Android Twitter client. The fact that they asked me to may be a sign that I have a problem…

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@johnjoseph Unless it uses PGP under the hood, I don’t see how that’s going to help.

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@mikestable If you make three rights, it equals a left.

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@allthingshadoop Even when you take relativity into account?

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@asliceofmellon may not have known better, but shame on @xH2Os and @DataTranslator for moving contrary to the principles of Bitcoin.

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@NHMellon @Forbes @asliceofmellon @xH2Os @DataTranslator No, this is idiotic - everyone involved needs to go learn about fungibility.

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@jbeardsley Yeah, which has led me to discover a few sites and apps with SSL deficiencies.

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HTTP 2.0 standard to REQUIRE encryption. ┗(°0°)┛

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wikileaks WIKILEAKS RELEASE: Secret negotiated draft text for the entire Intellectual Property Rights Chapter |

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The Crypto Anarchists were right. Timothy May predicted Bitcoin, Silk Road, and Wikileaks… in 1988.

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ErikVoorhees If the net value of all national money supplies were ranked, EU is 1st, US is 4th, and Bitcoin is 100th, now ahead of 90 other nations.

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