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November 26th, 2013

@emilepetrone @jewelia @sklacy I myself am waiting for the day that I can buy groceries with Reddit karma.

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@MichaelCasp I cut my own hair so that I have the satisfaction of knowing I didn’t pay to fuck it up. Thinking of shaving my head soon.

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@jewelia @sklacy Bitcoin is the protocol; bitcoins are the units. Expect microbitcoins to become the standard soon.

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Q: How do I get red wine stains out of my dog?…

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@emilepetrone Bitcoin is a protocol for proof of ownership - “currency” is merely the first app.

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@emilepetrone That can’t be answered definitively. Though it’s important to note that Bitcoin has more uses than simply currency.

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On vacation with my parents this week. I can now confirm that Fox News is literally a 24/7 Obamacare bitchfest.

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apsullivan My bud .@evanbooth demonstrating that TSA “security” is an illusion.…

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@flyosity I love watching governments undertake exercises in futility.

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