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November 22nd, 2013

EFF Twitter announces perfect forward secrecy and calls for more sites to follow suit. Great step for user privacy.

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Sriracha quinoa, where have you been all my life?!?!? /cc @Oatmeal

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@dwlz @flyosity @skattyadz “Old coins” that haven’t been moved in a long time / large transactions tend to be prioritized by miners.

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@CheapAir Are you going to tweet an announcement of your acceptance of Bitcoin payments?

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Current status: browsing a lingerie merchant’s web site at work. For debugging purposes. No, really.

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richardbranson Want to come to space with @virgingalactic? Now you can pay with ! (One future astronaut has already)

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jonmatonis After passing other countries in trading volume, China is now set to pass the U.S. in active Bitcoin nodes

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“Your email unsubscribe request will be processed in the next 10 business days.” Sure, this is CAN-SPAM compliant, but it’s pathetic.

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If you’re a software engineer and the prospect of programmable internet money doesn’t excite you… I don’t know what will.

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