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November 29th, 2013

@hmason @jefft It’s possible; I figure it’s safer to be pessimistic with regard to futurism.

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@hmason @jefft Looking decades into the future, it is conceivable that we may see autonomous software corps that pay humans to maintain them

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@hmason @jefft I hope to see successful implementation of colored coins / open transactions next year.

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@hmason @jefft This is but a precursor to the really mind blowing concepts that will be implemented using the Bitcoin protocol. :-P

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bitpay We are seeing record transaction volume today.

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@averyj I recommend you lower her expectation down to the millibit range.

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@Jeremy_DeGroot Ah I see that they use Shopify, which just added Bitcoin support, thus enabling it for 70,000+ online stores.

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Frontier has the shittiest DNS of any ISP I’ve ever used. Can’t remember the last time I actually experienced DNS issues.

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