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November 20th, 2013

RT @ncpolicelogs: It appears that a pirate in Maiden stole an iPhone and took it to his meth lab, making it easy for officers to find. http…

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@flyosity Why watch when you can participate? @flyosity 1 Bitcent

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KimDotcom Told my daughter I bought her a Unicorn. Then gave her a single unit of corn & explained the math & linguistics. She’s six & she’s angry :-)

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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that my tweets are my own and not those of my employer / family / local government / pets.

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Fuck off, @google or I’ll show you what happens when you spam a professional spammer. /cc @jefft @emilepetrone

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RT @ncpolicelogs: I wonder if a cop would pull me over if I was driving while staring at a laptop mounted to my passenger side dashboard? ಠ…

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@knucklesandwich I imagine that would be the easiest way to load in your DB of friends, but surely manual loading should be an option.

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@jefft <something about the definition of insanity>

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Serious question: would you be interested in a service that automatically notifies you when anyone you know gets arrested?

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Friends don’t let friends hold “private” online conversations over unencrypted channels.

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It’s true: Bitcoin may be used to fund terrorism… since the U.S. Government now controls tens of millions of dollars worth of it.

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