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November 16th, 2013

@MichaelCasp It’s cool; it’s practically night already!

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Bitcoin hackathon at @DukeU today sponsored by @coinbase!…

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The problem with the alpha Android @twitter client loading my stream where I last closed it is that it assumes I don’t use other devices.

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The 80-year-old I let in front of me at the grocery store thought it was kinda fucked up that the 60-year-old in front of her paid by check.

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@AcidBrainWash @NTmoney @stacyherbert Cash is an Analog Currency. How is that safe? Millions of dollars stolen daily, no way to track theft.

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NTmoney “Less than 2% of worldwide bitcoin trading and real-time market making occurs within the US jurisdiction.”…

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Governments can lock up leakers and hacktivists, but they can’t lock up everyone whose morality outweighs their fear for personal safety.

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