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August 15th, 2015

/r/bitcoinxt has grown 50X this week; as your faithful mod I hereby swear to leave you the hell alone.

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@flyosity California has a very different definition of “dangerous” than the rest of the world.

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This is how you know you’re on an /r/bitcoin fork debate thread.

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Deputy US Marshal: “in 100 years my digitized consciousness will be keeping @lopp’s digitized consciousness in check.” I’m on the list now.

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jgarzik By my subjective estimation, overwhelming majority of miners, businesses and users want a block size (..tps) increase.

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@flyosity Larger blocks != scalability, but scalability proposals can’t work without larger blocks.

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May the best fork win. The free market shall prevail either way.

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@mac_devine M/R would be too heavy if reindexing blockchain constantly, but for indexing it once every few weeks or months, would be great.

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giyom “If you can survive on testnet you can make it on mainnet” -@lopp on block storms

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NetkiCorp “Use TESTNET!!!!” @lopp

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NetkiCorp “Users are not used to 2FA & strong passwords. They don’t RTFM” @lopp So true, so very true!!

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Financial regulators boxing in Bitcoin as a currency & not considering apps like @storjproject is like forcing financial regs on @Dropbox

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“All we’re asking for as Bitcoin entrepreneurs is a level [regulatory] playing field.” @martindale @Cryptolina

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