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August 22nd, 2015

Looks like the XT node count surge is a Pseudonode operation:…

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@zmanian It’s suspicious to say the least.

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/Bitcoin XT:0.11.0/ is now the second most popular Bitcoin node useragent after today’s surge.

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maddenw Let’s merge BIP101 into core.…

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@digitsu @ziggamon @Tone_LLT Right, it has great properties for a safe store of possibly valuable records, but protocol is value agnostic.

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@ziggamon @Tone_LLT @digitsu I’d go so far as saying Bitcoin aims to provide a store of ownership records, but the value is all market-based

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@ziggamon @Tone_LLT @digitsu Sure, safety from arbitrary govt devaluation is good, but does not in and of itself make a store of value.

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@Tone_LLT @ziggamon @digitsu Can you show me where the Bitcoin protocol (and its development) has had “store of value” as one of its goals?

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