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August 31st, 2015

ReutersTech Former Secret Service agent pleads guilty in Bitcoin theft

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@jasonlk @desantis Don’t snapchat your bitcoins unless you like losing money!

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@JustusRanvier @kristovatlas We can only hope that they will bankrupt themselves while trying to do so.

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Claiming that new code must undergo a single group’s review process before being offered to the world: not permissionless innovation.

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Permissionless innovation: any developer can write code and offer it to the participants in the Bitcoin ecosystem, who adopt or ignore it.

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“The governance of Bitcoin is whatever code that people are willing to run.” - @gavinandresen

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@cypherdoc2 That logic could be extended to any of the consensus code. In the end, no one controls it because everyone controls it.

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Governance need not necessitate government.

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Step back and marvel at the resources being expended to achieve consensus about changing this single line of code:

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