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December 5th, 2016

@mriou Bonus points for taking into account spending of unconfirmed inputs and how transaction dependencies slow down confirmation times.

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@mriou Right; it would have to be a dynamically calculated target.

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Block explorers should output “estimated confirmation block height” on unconfirmed txns based upon size of higher fee rate txns in mempool.

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Truthcoin New blog post: helping us with Soft and Hard fork terminology.…

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@acityinohio @BlockCypher … but is it a suitable platform for scamming?

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Alternative perspective: BTC market cap dominance has risen above 87%.…

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@TuurDemeester That’s just the quote from A Princess Bride

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The real Dread Pirate Roberts is retired and living like a king in Patagonia.…

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The first step to improving your OPSEC is admitting that your OPSEC is weak.

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@flyosity @amazon coming full circle and going brick & mortar.

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Every second you spend focused on drama is a second you could have spent constructively focused upon improving your life.

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@ciscoguru IIRC Trezor has an ARM CPU, Ledger has some kind of secure element. Is there proof of no backdoors at hardware level?

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2 ways to protect your BTC from CPU backdoors:
* Only sign txns with offline computers.
* Only sign multisig txns w/keys on diff machines.

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