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December 18th, 2016

“Bitcoin is going to be the Switzerland [of the currency wars] even when Switzerland is no longer the Switzerland.” - @aantonop

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Zhou is considering buying gold or bitcoin, which he can buy in China and sell for foreign currencies overseas.…

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@twobitidiot Hmmm then does The DAO count as $160M, $0, or $100M ($ETC market cap)?

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Blockchain industry venture capital funding:
2012: $2.13M
2013: $95.05M
2014: $361.53M
2015: $490.48M
2016: $393.00M…

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Current @SlackHQ membership:
@AugurProject: 1403
Core: 2331
Classic: 1904
@21: 3631
@openbazaar: 3532
@storjproject: 5169

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@TuurDemeester All @BitGo wallets are 2 out of 3; we think it’s the most flexible model.…

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Reminder: @BitGo supports cold storage wallets with user keys kept offline and txns signed on airgapped machines.…

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@fredzannarbor That blockchains won’t go mainstream with end users, but that they don’t have to in order to gain adoption as infrastructure.

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After crunching the numbers it’s clear that 2017 will be the year of the blockchain desktop.

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The countries with the most relative interest in searching for Bitcoin in 2016

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An exodus of activity out of the bitcoin-dev IRC room and into the bitcoin-core-dev IRC room occurred in 2016.

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Activity on the Bitcoin Development mailing list remained low in 2016 compared to the surge of block size debate…Y5

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