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December 24th, 2016

@Metaballo Consider it in the public domain ☺️

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rogerkver Over time the value of Bitcoin isn’t guaranteed to go up, but the value of all government issued fiat currencies is guaranteed to go down.

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Truth be TODL
Many Bitcoiners SODL
Or didn’t store CODL
You should break the MODL
And straight up HODL

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@el33th4xor Baseless attacks should be simple to defend against, yes?

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4) However, Cypherpunks who attack their peers do us all a disservice. Questioning motivations or personal history is a fallacious waste.

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3) Having your code & ideas attacked is an honor, not an insult. It shows that others care enough to protect the public from buggy software.

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2) Cypherpunks attack each others’ code & ideas because they know that once deployed in the real world, insecure software will be exploited.

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1) Cypherpunks write software to defend privacy because they know that we must defend our own privacy if we expect to have any.

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@fredzannarbor It’s generally a good practice not to invest in anything you don’t understand.

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.@googlesecurity team has released Project Wycheproof to help check cryptographic libraries for known weaknesses.

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If you buy bitcoins without understanding the system, you may find yourself relieved of the burden of owning them.

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