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December 13th, 2016

BitGo Looking forward to more success with our Bitcoin partners in China!…

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Due to the US securities regulations, @CharlieShrem’s Mainstreet Investment Fund crypto tokens won’t be available to US citizens.

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“Bitcoin is amazing because we’re taking Austrian economic theory and putting it into practice.” - @CharlieShrem

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“I believe that Bitcoin protocol developers should work for non-profit foundations, not for-profit companies.”…fi

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Very good advice in this post. If you’re publicly known as a cryptocurrency user, you’re being targeted.…

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@kyletorpey @BITMAINtech @JihanWu OK, weird. IDK why an improved broadcasting algorithm would screw with the tx selection logic…

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@BITMAINtech @JihanWu Can you confirm that this is why Antpool keeps mining blocks with fewer than 10 transactions?…

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coindesk Bitcoin-Powered Marketplace OpenBazaar Raises $3 Million…

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krakenfx Buy and sell bitcoin directly from your favorite wallet! @krakenfx acquires @GlideraInc…

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DelRayMan Brave and CoinDesk have partnered to bring you bitcoin-powered ad-free journalism:……x7

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