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August 11th, 2017

@eric_lombrozo @victoriavaneyk I suspect that there are probably plenty of users who only participate in…Ws

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@SouperNerd @victoriavaneyk Because the actions of forum moderators have no impact upon the validity of the arguments being made.

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@victoriavaneyk Indeed; I was particularly displeased with the suppression of discussion about the proposal and…r1

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@mikeinspace @officialmcafee True story: I bought this Kriss Vector at the recommendation of @officialmcafee’s…jy

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Don’t fall victim to the psychological phenomenon known as “unit bias.”

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We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning. 😉

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It turns out that supporting new Bitcoin forks is not a simple copy/paste operation! Who knew……

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@dgenr818 In terms of load, yes, because individuals will be able to run a fully validating node while only…8s

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I was a Bitcoin XT supporter. Then I spent a year as a Bitcoin wallet infrastructure engineer.…

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Generations of citizens have been conditioned to believe money must be issued by govts to have value. The unlearning process will take time.

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BTC committed to a Lightning channel isn’t locked up. It’s freed to traverse a financial superhighway w/lower tolls & higher speed limits.

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jfnewbery I started contributing to Bitcoin Core a few months ago. Here are some of my experiences:…

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Lightning protocol is now in feature freeze for 1.0 release. Integration tests across 3 most active implementations:…

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8-14: Toronto summit
9-9: Paris Breaking BTC
9-12: Boston ETH
9-21: Tokyo Univ
10-21: Raleigh @AllThingsOpen
11-5: Palo Alto @ScalingBitcoin

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