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August 18th, 2017

@abrkn @TheBlueMatt @BitPay @BitGo The relevancy is that you don’t “speak for” a company unless you’re paid to do P…

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@ButtCoin @prestonjbyrne Sounds like you’re beginning to understand!

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@abrkn @TheBlueMatt @BitPay @_chjj @Blockstream You appear to be confusing groups of people who happen to have a gr…

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@abrkn @TheBlueMatt @BitPay I’m paid to write code & manage engineers. BitGo employees are encouraged to voice indi…

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@drwasho Last I checked, such removals are actually just cleanups - the owners of removed accounts purged themselves voluntarily years ago.

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Common reactions while driving around town…
Year ago: “What’s Bitcoin?”
Today: “Whoa, you have the Bitcoin license plate?”

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@ryanxcharles disagrees, probably because it includes fees.

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@jdh It’s a custom static site; I only create one or two pieces of large content per month so updating it manually isn’t a huge hassle.

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Soon as a new dev team forks Core in an attempt to move protocol forward, they fall behind. Constant work required.

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@ndrchvzz @mikebelshe @BitGo In general we’ll do our best to service our customers in a safe manner. Check out this…

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