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August 14th, 2017

@Zonacats1 @amock419 Decided it wasn’t particularly insightful. Please HODL

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@TuurDemeester I guess this means if there’s ever another Flippening craze all we need to do is fork Bitcoin again to defuse it.

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Exchange rate is least interesting aspect of Bitcoin; it’s a lagging indicator that more folks are learning about the interesting aspects.

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RT @jimmysong: Something @jfnewbery and I have been working on. Here’s what we would like to offer the community.

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@pierre_rochard @twobitidiot It’s already public information that Lopp Hodlings LLC suffered a 50% loss. And later…

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@twobitidiot My double down was a 50% loss for a while… HODLing ain’t easy.

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@ajtowns True, though anything over 1 sat/b is still overpaying…

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