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December 3rd, 2017

@xiaqun Sure, your fee address is funded now.

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@AaronvanW Participants may merely be mindshareholders 🙃

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The crypto asset social media sphere is a giant never-ending shareholder meeting with no agenda, no code of conduct…

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@leccytrain The crypto asset system that is most valuable will also be the most secure. I want my money stored in the most secure system.

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@TplusZero I’d love to see more stats to support that $27T number because that looks like it’s far more than all gl…

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I suspect the total value “stored” in payment systems pales in comparison to that stored in reserve assets. As such…

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@CryptoSkive Most of the links in my “getting started” section are pretty short, describing how the system works an…

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@NicClive2 Pretty hard to time any market; cost averaging your buy-in over time is the generally accepted best practice.

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Invest your time in education before you invest your money in crypto assets; it’s like buying insurance against get…

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