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December 21st, 2017

RT @lopp: Good things come to those who HODL.
H/T @thecryptopher

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RT @wikileaks: WikiLeaks is gifting two #CryptoKitties to President Trump and Secretary Clinton. Under 5 U.S.C. § 7432 Trump’s Tender Tabby…

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@nvk Did it drop to 0 or something?

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BashCo_ Elizabeth Stark of Lightning Labs on Bloomberg talking about the future of Bitcoin @starkness @lightning

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@cryptoqst I’m pretty sure Bitnodes has an API; look in the footer for info.

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You know what literally keeps me up at night? It’s not the crypto assets with high fees and slow confirmations. It’…

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@ianesque @aantonop @lightning It’s definitely a shared problem. The only explanation I can come up with is that la…

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@ianesque @aantonop @lightning Because it’s not a crisis for the operation of Bitcoin, it’s a crappy user experienc…

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RT @chrisalbon: Software engineering pro-tip:

Do not, I repeat, do not deploy this week. That is how you end up debugging a critical issue…

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@Cyranogrosnez @BitfuryGeorge What if I told you that funds put into payment channels aren’t locked up, but rather freed? 🤔

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@BitcoinCashBCH @aaronsevivas I’m not trying to refute anything; I look forward to the plan being carried out, hope…

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@bswen @JohnSilvestro1 The article is not satire. I’m saying that the “do everything on chain” folks should fully commit to their plan. 🙃

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RIP $GBTC premium, down from 85% to 35%.

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@The_Devastation Nah, Litecoin is cool. I’m anti people making investments off of single data points.

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Just met someone who saw my BITCOIN license plate and told me they were thinking of buying bcash because they can’t…

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@prestonjbyrne SSD required. Our parity nodes have been struggling lately.

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As a Bcash shareholder and CEO, I fully endorse gigablocks, nay terablocks in the pursuit of greater scale! If you…

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@Graham_Zinc @rogerkver @ThomasEWoods @jimmysong Yeah, it’s not really a reasonable expectation for Bitcoin to have…

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@MacMcLeod4 @WahWhoWah It could be better. I expect that it will get better and competition will increase. My thoug…

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TechCrunch Cryptocurrencies have an everything problem

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RT @ChaseACarlson: NFL running back Darren McFadden alleged a financial advisor wrongfully took $3 million from him relating to a #Bitcoin…

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@VinnyLingham @adam3us No one has the authority to define Bitcoin on behalf of others. You must define it for yours…

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