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December 28th, 2017

@cryptobelfrey They’ll continue to say those things until everyone stops listening.

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Google Buds review:
User experience: B
Battery Life: B
Conversation translation: D
Comfort: F
Note that the auto…Zz

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Ask yourself how well Buttcoiners and their rhetoric have managed to stem the rising tide of Bitcoin adoption,…fO

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Crypto capital gains reporting would be much simpler if the IRS accepted crypto assets directly. This is…BR

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pierre_rochard New followers: please do not give your hard-earned money to James Altucher or Tai Lopez. I’m sure they are great…fK

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@DeadmonTellem LN centralizes Bitcoin in the same way that TCP/IP centralizes the Internet - by routing data…Eu

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@CobraBitcoin If users need to actually manage channels, that would be a UX failure. It needs to happen under the…J7

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Those who fear the coming Bitcoin paradigm shift believe that users won’t want to lock up their funds in payment…MJ

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🤣Selective hearing at its finest.🤣…

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@sourcex44 @officialmcafee Ah, weird that I didn’t see anyone talking about it.

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Is it a coincidence or did @officialmcafee’s hacked account just flippen bcash with ripple in a single pump tweet?

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BitMEXResearch A Complete History of Bitcoin’s Consensus Forks

We list 19 Bitcoin consensus rule changes, which represents what…nV

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alexbosworth Mainnet Lightning Network paying my actual phone bill with actual Mainnet funds on @bitrefill. Speed: Instant.…vC

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