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May 1st, 2018

“Cryptocurrency mining gets a lot of bad press, but we’ve found that power companies love mining because it…vx

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@bradmillscan @bitcoincoreorg I’m sure most of these commits are small changes, as is the nature of most initial contributions to a project.

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Welcome to the 21 new @bitcoincoreorg contributors in the past 2 months!…

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oleganza Crypto war 2.0 is at full scale now. People circumvent fascist states (hint: all of them are) by communicating…EJ

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@VinnyLingham @mikeinspace Miners are already being compensated many multiples of what was being paid at the last…2k

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@mikeinspace Why reduce the block size when you can simply double the price?

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There is no privacy without security.
There is no security without privacy.

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