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May 13th, 2018

@damian78787 It was increased last year when SegWit activated; we see blocks over 1MB, even 2MB on a regular basis.

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RT @bitzuma: The Princeton Bitcoin video course is an excellent resource. Here it is split up into short segments and annotated with commen…

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@DGB_LTC_J Hard to answer in one tweet, but you can never build a MORE secure layer on top of a given foundation la…

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Just as Bitcoin’s whitepaper only described the starting point, not Bitcoin’s final form, so too shall it be with L…

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@WhatBitcoinDid There are incentives to running a full node such as privacy and self sovereignty. Interestingly eno…

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RT @BashCo_: TX Highway has been a great website. But development has stagnated, causing it to become slow, expensive and unreliable!


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@TobinGardner Nope, just figure I might as well have a little fun.

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2 years ago to the day; I still wear this shirt for the TSA.

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@jgarzik I’m sure you can find a better example to support your claim - every interaction I’ve seen with Frances ga…

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@CarpeNoctom It really depends; thanks to modern technology there is a much wider range of available options with d…

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@JimmyRagosa I suspect it’s OK but you’re probably gonna have to buy two plane tickets for a doublewide seat :-P

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@LukeDashjr You’re gonna have a tough time getting through the machines if you’re wearing hard armor. Soft armor is doable.

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Fun fact: TSA agents may look at you funny, but there are no prohibitions against flying with body armor.

via Twitter Web Client creator @in3rsha is producing great educational Bitcoin videos; you can check out his playl…

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