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May 24th, 2018

pierre_rochard The easiest way to take someone’s bitcoins is through social engineering. Promising someone “the next Bitcoin”…S0

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Social engineering scammers continue to hone their craft.…

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@brianchoffman They made it quite clear how you should respond 😊

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Never Lambo more than you can afford to rekt.

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@Roman_Latkovic Not caring about it is like not caring that someone was playing poker and lost because there was…xX

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@LightCrypto I have no idea - I’m a HODLer, not a trader. All I know is that no amount of market manipulation can relieve me of my holdings.

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“Is the market manipulated?” is a loaded question - of course it is, if you define manipulation as a particular…1G

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lowstrife 2000 coins sold at market 15 minutes before Bloomberg published article “U.S. Justice Department opens criminal…S9

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