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August 14th, 2018

“Speculation” is a term that low-risk investors use to denigrate and dismiss high risk investors.

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@mrmoneymustache @CapitalOne How does it feel to realize that your money isn’t actually yours?

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The @bitcoinoptech dashboards are pretty nice; I especially like the dynamic display of uneconomically spendable…3g

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@eduardobitcache If only it was that simple. You then get to have fun with xpub/ypub/zpub versioning, hardened vs…Ck

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WhalePanda The guy who wrote the article “Why Bitcoin is stupid” got his bank account frozen and is angry about it. If only…ls

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1. Build a Bitcoin wallet
2. Try to import it into other popular wallet software
3. Have fun falling down the “…Qc

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