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August 21st, 2018

@VitalikButerin Sorry but I don’t agree that such a chain deserves to be called Bitcoin ____. I find “Faketoshi Fork” more fitting.

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It makes more sense when you relabel the lines as “global internet” and “Chinese intranet”…

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This could potentially be interpreted as a “fear of the US Federal Government map” - lighter counties have higher…Oa

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@therealtoktok @MastodonProject Pretty sure that would require a second layer bridge protocol of some sort.

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Don’t use @MastodonProject - it’s so terrible that no one on there is giving away free ETH.

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@officialmcafee Sir, the appropriate firearm for a shower is a Mossberg 500 Mariner.

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Bitcoin is
“Free” as in “freedom”
Not “free” as in “free beer”
H/T @zechendorf

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@3solarmasses Transaction fees. We’ve already experienced periods of time where tx fees have reached nearly half…R9

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