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October 4th, 2020

@DragoonZytl You could, but most other weapons tend to be either overkill or underpowered.

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“In order to enable users to transact and trust in Bitcoin as they always have, the community of Bitcoin users must…

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@DeFi_Ted @realBastiat Then you are ignorant. Just a few of many nodes: @Ivan_Is_Back @CtrlPew @freegunzone @BlueGooGuns

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@Sgt_Hot_Stuff Shoot wi-fi router.
Now you have airgapped computer!

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@BitcoinMaximal6 Indeed, you can only dual wield as a two-handed human.

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@danheld Yes but assault rifles cost tens of thousands of dollars and the paperwork is a nightmare.

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There’s more than one way to protect your bitcoin with multi SIG.

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“The secret to Bitcoin’s success is that its prolific resource consumption and poor computational scalability is bu…

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“When we can secure… a financial network by computer science rather than by accountants, regulators, investigator…

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@desiraethinking @BobMcElrath The process of discovery is guided by humans and is thus subjected to all of their tr…

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5 bar owners in France were arrested for not spying on their patrons’ wi-fi activity.

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@jronkain Yeah I suspect that this math conflict may be over people who think of math as “pure” math whereas the fi…

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@jronkain Indeed, I think the uproar here is over whether or not you can disentangle political implications from sc…

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If you think the field of mathematics is apolitical, wait ‘til you learn about cryptography.

The underlying number…

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