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October 21st, 2020

@nic__carter Do you like to anthropomorphize your databases, sir?

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@crypto_martian I’m assuming that users want penny precision; a penny per satoshi.

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Bitcoin scales so well as a store of value that we can fit a million dollars into a single bitcoin before we need…XX

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Governments are killing us in more ways than one.

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Total arrests in USA last year for…

violent crime: 495,871
cannabis possession: 500,395

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@nvk @PeterMcCormack @theBLOCKCLOCK Built-in obsolescence; the most devious of scams.

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TheWOASPodcast If you have ever questioned how secure your crypto is, tomorrow’s episode with @lopp is all you need to hear. He…kW

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@matthew_d_green It’s the future that Hal forsaw and we must fight to prevent.

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@NickSzabo4 RIP @bitcoinpulse; I think they went offline a few years ago.

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You can ignore Bitcoin for a while, but not forever.…

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@BitsBeTrippin @PeterMcCormack @OGBTC Works for me; the only explanation I can think of is that they restricted it by geolocation.

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In b4 fools tweet “there are more bitcoin locked in PayPal’s payment network than in Lightning Network!” 🤣

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Never mind; they’re only issuing IOUs. Wouldn’t want folks withdrawing to a censorship resistant wallet, after all!…

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Look’s like PayPal’s bitcoin exchange won’t be launching for at least several weeks according to their waitlist…tg

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Don’t let PayPal hold your precious bitcoin.

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@matshenricson @andrew_i_am What if the image is 100% computer generated and not a manipulated real photo?

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If someone uses software to transform publicly available photos of clothed children into deepfake nudes, are they…kR

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@bananaparrot69 I will not sit here and be insulted by a banana telling me that no algorithm can make a sexy fake…Y3

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@cubantobacco It’s the technological democratization of fake nudes!

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Instead of freaking out about the possibility of having a deepfake nude of yourself circulated, embrace the…Dp

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