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October 5th, 2020

@notgrubles Nope, tends to max out around 7 / 8 mbps. Pegs one core of my Asus RT-AC3100. My understanding is…OH

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If only he had paid his $750 to Uncle Sam, he’d be a free man.…

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You gotta admit, the man drives a hard bargain.

“The ICOs McAfee touted raised at least approximately $41…iA

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Don’t be the last of the fiat bagholders.…

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nic__carter MY LATEST: an investigation into the relationship between fees and on-chain usage modes…

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It really sucks to pay for gigabit internet but be throttled below 10 megabits due to OpenVPN protocol overhead.…2X

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Option A) sign up for $340/yr subscription
Option B) press CTRL+SHIFT+N

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@SuperflyBradley It’s better to have one resilient and robust basket that can tolerate failures than to have many…4W

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“My bitcoin is safe because I spread it across many exchanges / software / hardware wallets.”

By diversifying…8V

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@hindssite I highly recommend krav maga for getting up to speed quickly.

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