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October 28th, 2020

@Ethan_Heilman He also hates the Federal Reserve sooooooo 🤷

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@semil We’ve been doing that for 2.5 years at @CasaHODL

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To be clear, there are not 300MB of transactions in the mempool from the perspective of how much block space they…pi

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@parrottf You can use my config generator to see what entry you’d need to make to your bitcoin.conf file…

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Due to the recent hashrate drop, Bitcoin nodes running the default 300MB mempool size are hitting their cap and…ee

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@SimonCohen85 Your client is a con man and you are aiding and abetting his scam.

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Corporate treasuries holding bitcoin is so hot right now.

Nobody cared when I formed a company in 2013 with the…FC

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Acquire more bitcoin before @michael_saylor buys them all.

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On Monday I learned that there are ice cream brands that have 0 sugar and 0 carbs. While the texture is not as…fc

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@_JustinMoon_ Slightly lower time preference for nonessential goods, but to be honest I had already been doing…WL

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Amendment to second rule: it is allowable if you already live in a citadel.…

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