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February 10th, 2021

Rookie numbers; we gotta boost those stats!…

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@markfakelast @Robitko Would if I could. Attack reports rarely include the specific address of the attack.

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@primex001 Nah, I can still roam this world without ever being recognized.

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@T3naciousC @Robitko Well there were 386 Stockholm addresses in the leak, so it’s certainly possible.

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Armed home invasion in Sweden netted 3 criminals over $100,000 in bitcoin. Police believe they knew beforehand…S6

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Wearing a second mask offers no additional protection against facial recognition software.…

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@danheld I smell a ProfessorCoin in the works!

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@tjmiano Come down from your ivory tower and join us in the real world, Tim. It’s not as simple as you think.

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“In theory, blockchain analysis firms say, it is possible to track the source of bitcoin, raising the possibility…z2

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eiaine Reminder: Never argue with a nocoiner.…

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Celebrities are gonna pump so many shitcoins; folks will learn the hard way not to trust celebrities.

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Heard a recent report that “core inflation” was 0% last month, which is of course absolutely bonkers in the grand…Kv

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Central banks had their chance. Now they must compete against opponents who can’t be threatened with violence.…

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CasaHODL 🚀 It’s here!

exclusive bonus content ft. @PeterMcCormack and @gladstein

The Present and Future…R3

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@JamesRoloff It’s a recurring cycle. Real security reports come out but then get hyped to FUD-like levels that freak out hodlers.

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BTC security is a dynamic space; researchers regularly release vulnerability reports. They rarely require…tl

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Medium of exchange maximalists are slowly learning a hard lesson.

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@theinstagibbs It’s on my to-do list. They have paid quite a bit in mining fees.

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CasaHODL Are you looking to expand your career into the ecosystem?

Check out our career board, and join team…AM

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There’s a fascinating phenomenon whereby once someone convinces themselves that Bitcoin is doomed to fail, no…rP

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Better results than expected. Don’t allow the authoritarians to weaken your mind or your body!…

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@NeerajKA Yes, you just can’t tell because you’ve been locked in your apartment for a year.

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What really annoys critics is that it’s too costly for them to truly attack Bitcoin. Thus they are restricted to whining.

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@DavidTe08029744 Something has to be second. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Ethereum was one of the first major differentiators and it…GP

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Don’t feel bad about not understanding Bitcoin if you’re not a polymath who has spent the past decade focused upon it.

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@SidneyVollmer I run link checker scans against my entire site, but sometimes folks change links in ways that don’…OV

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@paulapivat @Iamjayp2 Absolutely, you’ll need an estate attorney in your jurisdiction of course.

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