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February 1st, 2021

If the market isn’t free then it’s a scam.

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What are the best examples of companies that survived nation state attacks?

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Remember “blockchain, not Bitcoin?” 😏…

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evoskuil Cryptoeconomics is now globally available on Amazon, Kindle and paperback.…

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If you are FOMOing into DOGE then you’re gonna get rekt. But at least you’ll have fun staying poor.

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@BitcoinMidas_ Trusts tend to be designed under the assumption that the legal framework in the relevant…8b

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@primex001 Reading books about multigenerational wealth management and then naturally started thinking about…6q

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@KyronDen I was actually thinking about how laughable that was the other day - the bank would have closed down…nr

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@timfelsky You’d need an irrevocable trust but it’s even more complicated than that because you can’t assume that…Ub

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@Blockchaincrat I assume that any civilization with the tech to reanimate a frozen body would be able to scan…Kt

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@econoar @RandySwartz7 @DegenSpartan @genesimmons If you’re going to fall victim to unit bias fallacies then you might as well buy DOGE

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If you die, are cryogenically suspended, then reanimated at some point in the future, you are still legally dead.…WX

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