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May 15th, 2021

lopp As the BTC exchange rate rises, so shall its energy expenditure. Some see increased waste. I see a system bootstrapping its own security.

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lopp The amount of energy being “wasted” securing Bitcoin via Proof of Work is just the amount that the market has decided is worth paying for.

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lopp “Proof of work is also Proof of Stake. But Proof of Stake is not Proof of Work. With PoW, miners are staking energy (money.)” -@aantonop

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@GuyWithGolden Not an argument, merely a statement. Naturally, those who don’t find any value in Bitcoin will…oB

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The energy used to secure the Bitcoin blockchain from being rewritten is not wasted, it’s purchased by the…7F

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For several years I’ve run a script that notifies me if any links on my web site break.

Wanted: a script that…sX

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Number of pages in @IntelTechniques’ Extreme Privacy guide…

1st Edition: 378
2nd Edition: 574
3rd Edition: 639

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Pour one out for the weak hands who are shaken out by *checks notes* energy consumption concern trolls.…

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Also if you identify as fully vaccinated.…

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IntelTechniques Extreme Privacy 3rd Edition Now Available!

Details and links can be found on my site at…Aw

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The enemies of Bitcoin don’t have the means to attack its thermodynamic security. Thus they attack its legitimacy…Ht

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