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May 21st, 2021

Now I feel like I need to wear a mask so as to not attract attention…

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Visiting a blue state and all the cucks are walking around outdoors in sunny summer weather while wearing masks. Dafuq.

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@markfakelast @DjdentDavid Balance transfers offers often give you the option to have the funds deposited to your checking account.

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Credit card company just offered me a 0% APR 1 year loan.

BRB, buyin’ some dip.

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Smart hodlers buy cars and houses with bitcoin collateralized loans.…

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@jamesburrell2 No consensus required; it’s trivial to change ports. Though blocking the default port would…Dc

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Imagine selling an asset because an authoritarian regime doesn’t like it.

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China has banned Bitcoin countless times and yet they have yet to block port 8333 at the Great Firewall

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Bitcoiners don’t drive Teslas because they ride the Lightning

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