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May 20th, 2021

Can you file for worker’s comp if you have repetitive strain injuries from tapping a yubikey too many times?

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“Inflation is the true opium of the people and it is administered to them by anticapitalist governments and parties.” - Ludwig von Mises

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Nocoiners wanting to debate energy consumption with Bitcoiners are as cute as Liberals wanting to debate gun…XX

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@FundacionNanoVE Debating something that’s not up for debate is the true waste of energy.…

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BREAKING: the government still wants to take your money even as they continue to make your money worth less.

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“Hey, you know that accounting system that makes it infeasible to rewrite history due to its unforgeable…7R

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@LarisaYarovaya You don’t understand the security model offered by proof of work. There are many other consensus…qv

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@orionwl Fun fact; I’m a curl project sponsor…

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You’re goddamn right.

There’s a twist: WE’RE ALL CRIMINALS…

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@DannyManDeBo I suggest you educate yourself about the challenges of long term wealth management. I’d start here:…

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Dollar billionaires must struggle to retain their wealth.

Satoshi billionaires only need patiently HODL.

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Refreshing to see some honesty from energy consumption critics! You have explained why your concerns are…t3

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