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December 11th, 2021

If you’re a user and you haven’t logged into the app in the past month, you should do so AS…

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Oh god now I’m spending $20 per 300 character post to argue with a stranger about the validity of my submission.

Worst. Game. Ever.

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@intangiblecoins @csuwildcat @cdixon heh looks like I’ve been unfollowed by most of the a16z crew recently ohnowhatdididoooooooooo

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@PeterMcCormack Pretty sure he’s already setting up to roll the suckers over into a fresh new scheme.

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RT @GoRemy: Ten years and $15 trillion later…

Remy is back to make it rain:

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@wasinattendanc1 I rather like @uptimerobot if you’re looking for something simple and cheap.

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Nerds will spend countless hours setting up a cool web site and fail to spend 5 minutes setting a downtime monitor to alert them if it dies.

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@Basanta_Goswami @proofofhumanity I was told my donations via gitcoin would get a higher match

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@BIGOJS @CasaHODL @BrianLockhart the virgin lowercase @neerajka vs CHAD CAPSLOCKHART

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Soooo does anybody use @proofofhumanity? Been waiting a week for someone to verify me; looks like 600+ people are i…

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