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December 14th, 2021

@ChristopherA How well does it work for color blind folks?

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RT @ChristopherA: is a new Blockchain Commons website that demonstrates how LifeHashes work, and also offers a publ…

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Super low time preference: not desiring the latest phone hardware because your preferred hardened operating system doesn’t support it yet.

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@DanDarkPill Imagine being so desperate for good news that this is what you come up with.

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Those who aren’t old enough to have experienced significant inflation are least likely to expect it.

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“I wish I had spent more of my life staring at price charts!”

… exclaimed no one on their death bed.

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@RobWaughMail Looks like almost all the replies are from brainwashed BSV folks, but that’s what tends to happen whe…

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