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April 10th, 2023

A bill for major surgery in 1956. That’s $1,400 in 2023 dollars.

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@lloyd_dunne Presumably it would harm the pollster’s reputation.

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lopp 80+ crypto assets have the word “bitcoin” in their name.
14 have a market cap over $1,000,000.
3 claim to be Bitcoin.
1 is Bitcoin.

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Lightning-enabled polls: yet another nostr-driven innovation.

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Top takeaways from “open sourcing” Twitter’s Algorithm:

* The documentation sucks. I saw plenty of folks…we

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Bitcoin miners will continue to buy more energy and hunt for underutilized energy sources until such time as…R3

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“You see, only wolves from the Other Pack eat sheep!”

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@ipyksally If you have dozens or hundreds of UTXOs, consolidate them into 1 UTXO via a self-send during low fee periods on weekends.

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@MASTERBTCLTC Why did you overlook the publication date of the blog post?

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You can prepare for future FUDbusting by bookmarking quality anti-FUD literature rather than attempting to debunk…1n

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@DMCPNW Seems to work fine, though I’m not a fan of backups that are composed of many different pieces. I’d…rb

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Do you need a better backup method for your crypto wallet seed phrases? Check out my extensive reviews and…hx

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