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April 15th, 2023

There’s more to Bitcoin hashrate charts than meets the eye. Be skeptical of folks who claim that a recent change…bg

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saylor In the first quarter, 2683 people completed the for Everybody course offered by @saylordotorg. It is…Gj

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lopp Bitcoin’s primary function is not “store of value” - that’s a result of its primary function.
Bitcoin is “fuck…Lw

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@coinjunky Possibly only a few years.

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GPT-4 is now better than the average student at a variety of popular exams.

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@NeerajKA WTF do they think happens to the water after it is “used?” It’s not like the water gets destroyed…

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If you’re a toxic maxi who’s interested in hearing
@TheGuySwann call me a bitch, you’ll have to listen to this epis…

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My latest research is a deep dive into the problems inherent with hashrate estimates. Beware of folks who claim…on

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