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April 27th, 2023

@JeremyBrace @BobMcElrath I can’t. I was one of the first folks to pay for Twitter Blue, but then they…aY

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@BobMcElrath It did for legacy verification; I often had impersonator reports clear in less than a day. Now that…wG

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lopp Miners don’t waste energy securing Bitcoin.
The military industrial complex wastes energy securing the petrodollar.

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I don’t expect AGI this decade.

When it comes to AI, I expect we’ll see another year or two of progress with…G1

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anilsaidso LAUNCH DAY

The Handbook is now available in hardcover.

The book is a collection of the most…7Q

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@gladstein @muneeb Garbage in, garbage out.
Perhaps not great for “truthiness” but definitely great for preventing…

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LearnMoreWithC4 In the majority of cases, if private keys have been compromised, then the funds are already gone for good. @lopp…OX

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@Arthur_van_Pelt Good to see more pushback on this. Most folks tend to focus on the more absurd aspects of his frau…

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T-minus ~1 year ‘til the 5th Bitcoin mining epoch.

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Pushed under the pretense of protecting children, of course.…

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“The Promise and Perils of Non-Deterministic Bitcoin Scripts” is a deep dive into more advanced scripting and why…TN

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