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February 5th, 2014

On the other hand, Google loves user freedom because they want you to do EVERYTHING however you want, and watch you do it to collect data.

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It seems to me that Apple hates user freedom because they want to control every aspect of the user’s experience - UX is their selling point.

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jvanek1 Apple <> freedom. Why continue to use their products? MT @blockchain: Response to Apple for Removal of App ->

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@pmarca FYI this has already been done by @BenSwann_

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@ddahlke Heh, good luck. At least you’re not holding on to the max coins - Keiser is a piece of shit pump and dumper who’s not to be trusted

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@mikestable One of the new members on my HOA Board is a TSA agent. :-|

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Wall Street Journal announces new feature section, “BitBeat,” a daily round-up of Bitcoin news, notes, and thoughts.…

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moolah_ch Are you an awesome developer? Come work for Moolah!…

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@mikestable I only alert motorcycle riders, and we have our own hand signal for that.

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I just donated to Free & Equal Election’s United We Stand Movement…

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@mikestable @mark_a_phelps I myself will be watching Dogecoin, as Feb 14th is the first halving day.

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@mark_a_phelps @jefft has ruined Craigslist for us all

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@mikestable I predict government’s War on the Darknet will be as successful as its War on Drugs, War on Terror, and War on Poverty.

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@ameir No need for it to be a one-sided war, my friend. No need at all.

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@emilepetrone It’s a sad fact that somehow has stayed out of public discourse for decades. It’s time to face the music.

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Current market status: extreme fear. The rose colored glasses are coming off……

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Former UNC Dean: “”athletes in the revenue sports were steered to less intellectually demanding courses”…

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My version of Bobby McFerrin’s message: “don’t give a fuck, be happy.”

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@ioerror @matthew_d_green Morris’ three golden rules of computer security: “Do not own a computer; Do not power it on; and do not use one.”

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6 TSA finally has a terroristic arrest to brag about.…

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