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February 13th, 2014

@MichaelCasp You’re doin’ it right.

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@flyosity Only had enough funds for the .to

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@flyosity Real, grown-up companies buy their own TLD

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@petertoddbtc @blockchain @virtuallylaw It’s ironic to see Bitcoin used for spam considering that Hashcash was designed to fight spam.

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@BenLawsky @barrysilbert I agree w/customer education & soundness reqs. Trying to restrict use of tumblers will make you a laughingstock.

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@qikcoin @barrysilbert I’d say it’s an excellent example of the flexibility and resilience of community-driven open source software.

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Discussion of Bitcoin transaction malleability between core devs, industry members, & others. Open source FTW.…

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@emilepetrone LOL they’re defaulting to Mt Gox, which has been de-listed from most indices because they’re not allowing withdrawals.

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matthew_d_green A Firefox plugin that allows you to access dot-bit sites registered using Namecoin. via @FreedomFeens

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