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February 7th, 2014

@danlowe I don’t wanna shave my head until I have a really long beard like @rjurney

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@tylerwinklevoss Tsk tsk, don’t tell people to follow yourself. You should tell people to follow Cameron & he should tell people to you.

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@mikestable Hey bro: you hate cancer, I hate cancer, let’s fuck cancer together. Let’s Eiffel Tower the shit out of cancer!

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@barrysilbert Leave some cheap coins for the rest of us, Barry.

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@ericboggs @averyj Until he saw the light of Doge

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@AtheistFire Because Doge is so happy and inviting :-) It’s a silly name for a lighthearted concept.

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@AtheistFire No worries, but the Dogecoin community is the happiest & most inviting of all the crypto communities I’ve observed.

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@aantonop Yes but at some point, laziness and willing incompetence that results in other’s suffering is tantamount to bad faith.

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@aantonop Where is the line between incompetence and fraud?

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@AtheistFire I was a social outcast when I was in school and looking back, I have no regrets :-)

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Eve Carson’s murderer is requesting a shorter prison sentence. I recommend that we grant his request via firing squad…

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@lukestokes @aantonop I, for one, shall continue buying until the price ceases to decrease. You’re welcome :-)

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aantonop You know the drill:
Bitcoin is dead, doom and gloom, bubble is burst.

Meanwhile, those of us who’ve been around and know this drill: buy.

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