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February 12th, 2014

Sneak preview of the new “request payment” feature coming up in Bitcoin-qt 0.9

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Many people (correctly) claim that Bitcoin is not useful as a currency due to its volatility. They haven’t seen this:

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ncpolicelogs Emergency personnel are advising citizens to not have heart attacks, go into labor, or have other medical issues at this time.

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@MichaelCasp Please keep us updated as you enter hypothermia.

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@MichaelCasp This will be the most sparsely attended Duke / UNC game in recorded history.

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Snowpocalypse, y’all. Raleigh / Durham is the new Atlanta. WHO’S TO BLAME?!?!? Hint: everyone who ignored the weather forecast.

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DPAC @ebsmith324 Unfortunately Book of Mormon cannot be rescheduled. Touring Bway shows don’t cancel regardless of local weather/road conditions.

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@flyosity @dcm I think he’s already being punished enough.

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BenDoernberg How much faster is the Dogecoin subreddit growing than Bitcoin and Litecoin? Here’s a graph…

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I haven’t experienced such onslaughts of hatred since being bullied in school. Spreading truth isn’t for the thin skinned, eh @aantonop?

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@pmccall777 I recommend not doing the “work your whole life” part unless you find great pleasure in your work.

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Lots of news media declaring Bitcoin hobbled / dead this week. Very good news, IMO, as previous experience means this is capitulation phase.

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