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February 28th, 2014

@pmccall777 The ‘best practice’ for using sites like this is to load them onto an offline computer when you want to generate keys.

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@pmccall777 It appears that they are using client-side JS to generate the keys. Should be safe, though could merit further investigation.

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It should be noted that consensus seems to be that anyone using cryptocurrency at this point in time is still an “early adopter.”

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Early adopters bore much more risk than people adopting at this point in time. Their reward for providing legitimacy is increased value.

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Many people complain that Bitcoin unfairly benefits early adopters, completely missing that this is true for any publicly traded asset.

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@NTmoney Stewart made an astute observation that the problems in the Bitcoin world are localized rather than systemic.

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A visualization of the Bitcoin economy from early 2013. My, how things change. Source:

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@paulbuitink @twobitidiot Here you go again, citing anonymous sources. Pathetic.

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@RichardPPhilbin Nice; though note that Gox still has yet to admit that any coins were stolen, just that they were “lost.” Makes me wonder.

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