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February 21st, 2014

@BitcoinBelle Seems to me that as societies grow, power tends to consolidate into hierarchies for efficiency, diminishing freedom for most.

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Primary goal of cryptocurrency community at this point should not be to recruit users, but to make it easier for average person to use.

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The stakes are high. The risks are high. But so are the rewards. Freedom isn’t free.

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I’m not going to lie; cryptocurrency is daunting. It offers no training wheels, little risk mitigation, and a high learning curve.

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Boy, it’s a good thing that we have the Federal Reserve to steer the economy in the right direction!…

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@BenDoernberg @arstechnica @Lee_Ars Oh my, that’s unshibelike behavior. Shame, shame!

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@AtheistFire You had me at “Bitcoin this”…

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TriangleBitcoin debut @risedurham today! First food establishment in the to accept bitcoin digital currency!!…

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danlowe This just happened. Thanks @risedurham

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