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February 6th, 2014

@flyosity - so wow. much API. very weather.

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@maxkeiser You’re a fucking disgrace to the crypto community, Max. Please take your wealth and retire.

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@ddahlke Ah, I see. L-O-fucking-L, look at the scumbag @maxkeiser trying to pump his shitty coin:…

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It’s true that libertarians and anarchists can sometimes seem extremist, but one must fight for freedom at the edges simply to maintain it.

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@pmccall777 You did well today, Paul. Have a virtual pat on the back. *pat*pat*

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@rjurney Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again?

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flyosity Classic Good Will Hunting scene: “Why shouldn’t I work for the NSA?”…

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TIL that Crucible can’t handle diffing an 86,000 line file.

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ex509 If you don’t have a full time JIRA engineer to make it less impossible to use, don’t buy @JIRA. It’s very difficult to use otherwise.

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@mikestable 86% markup! Big Brother strikes again.

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@danlowe Figure out a way to combine motorcycles, firearms, and some other adult activity and you’ll pique my interest.

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Lopp Holdings, LLC is now 50% invested in Bitcoin. The other 50% is waiting on the sidelines for a buying opportunity to present itself.

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@mikestable So… I don’t need rehab b/c I’m not addicted to ambien, right?

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@moolah_ch I think it’s a bit early for that. I have my doubts that it will find a lasting place in the crypto community.

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Kudos to @gavinandresen for a job well done this morning discussing Bitcoin at the Council on Foreign Relations.…

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Just received confirmation of my Skype call with Alex Winter this weekend. Any suggestions of what I should ask?

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ggreenwald On the extreme secrecy surrounding Obama’s negotiation of the TPP…

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@matthew_d_green Apple can ban apps within iOS, but they can’t ban web apps :-)

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Now that Apple officially banned ALL Bitcoin wallet apps, it’s time to give users hope. Presenting the unbannable

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